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Our neighborhood’s immediate access to the harbor, less congested street traffic, friendly atmosphere, expansive parks and flat terrain (except, of course, for the steep ridge in Bay Ridge!) makes our corner of New York City one of the most fantastic places to ride a bicycle. Whether for transportation, recreation, fun or fitness, cycling is great in Bay Ridge.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

These Streets Were Made for _____

Six years before German Baron Karl von Drais introduced the forerunner of the modern bicycle to the public in Mannheim in the Summer of 1817 and decades before Karl Benz began production of his motor carriages, the Commissioners' Plan was introduced to Manhattan on March 22, 1811.

Most every issue and precedent regarding roadway use in New York City is a reflection and influence of the plan.

So go out and turn 90 degrees wherever you can and enjoy some broad avenues and narrow cross streets today, wherever you may be on this second day of Spring.

NY Times Story here.

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