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Monday, March 14, 2011

NYTimes: Green Development? Not in my (Liberal) Backyard

We at BRBR have to object... all of these publications on bike lanes in recent weeks is making it hard for us to keep up with all of it. I remember last summer when we'd struggle to think of content, and when we did, the upload could be spread out over a few days' time or even a whole month. This seems like work, not the hopeful fun we thought to blog about once in a while. Jeez!

Hope you get the joke of our paragraph of blog NIMBY-ism above! The graphic on this New York Times article is pretty good, so is the viewpoint. Our BRBR staff has also been trying to write something more big picture viewed about these bike lanes, but we can only get so much done while typing on the subway or when we're not commuting by bicycle.

Green Development? Not in my (Liberal) Backyard
"Park Slope, Brooklyn. Cape Cod, Mass. Berkeley, Calif. Three famously progressive places, right? The yin to the Tea Party yang. But just try putting a bike lane or some wind turbines in their lines of sight. And the karma can get very different."

Read the full article in the New York Times.

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