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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Owl's Head Park Greenway Open!

It is confirmed - the NYC Greenway connector at Owl's Head Park in Brooklyn is now open for use!

During a cold evening ride a few days ago, we spotted the newly paved asphalt hiding behind the construction fences along the northern edge of Owl's Head Park. When we returned yesterday, the fencing to the path was removed and open for use. The walking/biking/skating path extends from the corner of Shore Road and 68th Street to Colonial Road and Wakeman Place along the northern edge of the park. This route gives access to Millennium Skate Park near Wakeman Place and the newly renovated dog run near 68th Street.

From our checks on Google and a roll-off from a bicycle computer, we calculated the length of the Greenway at about 2000' (.37 miles) and a slightly curving 325' length of dog run.

While chatting with a dog and his owner, we learned that the dog run and Greenway had just opened on Monday. We saw several dogs and their walkers along the Greenway and a few fishermen going to and from the 69th Street Pier along the Greenway. This Greenway also provides a continued route north for all the cyclists who reach the end of Shore Road and used to ride opposite the traffic direction on 68th Street to return into the neighborhood, solving a problem we saw in our Shore Road Bike Lane post.

Map It

Greenway entrance at Shore Road and 68th Street

Near 68th Street and pathway leading into the park. Construction fence still to be removed.

Going to the dog run.

Looking north from near 68th Street: the dog run is ahead on the left, signage and markings for the entrance, and the slope of Owl's Head Park on the right.

Greenway entry at Colonial Road and Wakeman Place

Millennium Skate Park near Wakeman Place and Colonial Road.

View from the Greenway to Colonial Road and Wakeman Place.

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