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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Newtown Creek Votes for New Projects

Some news from our fellow neighborhood at the north border of Brooklyn along Newtown Creek.

NYS is allotting $7 million to fund the local projects after the city was fined $10 million in 2008 for missing the deadline to do an upgrade that would have met the state standards on Greenpoint’s wastewater treatment plant. The community has voted on several options for the $10M. The list of projects is below (this was preliminary, the actual list may have changed slightly).

Read more: Brooklyn Downtown Star - Residents vote on Newtown Creek projects

Two projects were directly related to wish list of the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative (a pedestrian bridge across the creek #13 and work along West Street #21) and another wanted to build a cycling velodrome #20.

Anyone know the results of the voting?

Cost Estimate Distance from Newtown Plant (miles)

1 American Playground Renovation
Franklin St. between Milton St. & Noble St.
Renovation details to be determined. Project does not include de-mapping streets, which is likely infeasible.
$4-5m 0.67
2 Apollo Street End
Apollo St.
Greening and other improvements.
$1m 0.58
3 Barge Park Dog Run
Commercial St., Dupont St. and West St.

$500,000 0.72
4 Barge Park Renovation
Commercial St., Dupont St. and West St.
Renovation details to be determined.
$5m 0.72
5 Biosculpture (Green Eggs/Biosculptures & Wetland Park)
North Henry St.
North Henry St. end; passive recreation and biological water filtration; park will have 3 large 'biosculptures' - egg shaped like the digesters.
$2.4m 0.22
6 Dutch Kills Basin Acquisition and/or 29th St. Improvements
47th Ave. east of 27th St. to 29th St.
Acquire private parcel to expand waterfront access; stormwater management & community facilities, including multi-use park with athletic field.
$3m 0.77
7 Greenpoint Boathouse and Environmental Education Center
GMDC Building, 1155-1205 Manhattan Ave.
Restore bulkhead and build out ground level of GMDC building on Newtown Creek (at Manhattan Ave.), creating publicly accessible open space, extending waterfront esplanade, creating boat launches and other access to waterway and creating community facility for recreational boating, including educational programming.
$5m 0.57
8 Greenpoint Monitor Museum
56 Quay St.
Funding for Phase II - site preparation and temporary programming at park on Monitor Museum's donated land.
$150,000 to $650,000 0.86
9 Greenpoint Playground Renovation
Commercial St. & Dupont St.
Project would include renovations, stormwater management and planting; demapping streets is likely infeasible.
$4-5m 0.66
10 McCarren Pool
Nassau Ave., Bayard St., Leonard St. and North 12 St.
Pool is being renovated. Unfunded items in current Parks Department plan include: a comfort station ($1.5m) and handicap accessible spiral slides ($1.75m).
$1.5m to $3.25m 0.94
11 McCarren Park Renovation
Nassau Ave., Bayard St., Leonard St. and North 12 St.
Renovation details to be determined. Unfunded items in current Parks Department plan include: field house ($4m), pathways ($2m) and tennis court lighting ($1.3m).
$1.3m to $7.3m 0.92
12 McGolrick Park Repairs/Renovation
Driggs Ave., Nassau Ave., Russell St., Monitor St.
Renovate pavillion, fencing around park, benches, safety surface in playground, fix drainage & flooding issues, repair fence on Nassau Ave. side of park.
$6m 0.66
13 Pedestrian Bridge Study
To be determined
Feasibility study on creating a pedestrian bridge over Newtown Creek from Brooklyn to Queens.
$1m TBD
14 Pulaski Bridge Study
Pulaski Bridge
Feasibility study on strategies to increase space for pedestrians & cyclists, creating a greenspace connection between Brooklyn & Queens, and enhancing sustainable transportation network.
$1m 0.49
15 Materials for Queens Library & Cultural Center at Hunters Point
Hunters Point
To purchase books and materials focused on environment and ecology to be housed at a new library facility.
$200,000 0.82
16 Saint Savior's Site (New Park)
57-40 58th St. (Rust St. & 58th St.)
To purchase land from private owner and develop new park.
$8.5m 1.97
17 Skate Park
To be determined

$1m TBD
18 Transmitter Park Renovation (Building)
Greenpoint Ave.
Park is being renovated, but no funding exists to renovate building, which could include restrooms, meeting space, restaurant concession, radio museum, or other features.
$5-6m 0.78
19 Tree-planting and Stormwater Management
To be determined
Tree planting projects that would also incorporate stormwater management strategies. Sites could include McGuiness Blvd., North Henry St., Jewell St., Bushwick Inlet Park, 54th St. and/or others.
$1,500 to $4,000 per tree TBD
20 Velodrome
To be determined
A bicycle racing, or "track racing" facility, using a donated velodrome once used in the Goodwill Games.
$1m TBD
21 West Street Greenway Project
West St.
Enhancements to existing project, including plantings and stormwater management.
$2m 0.71 - .8
22 Wetlands Rehabilitation
Newtown Creek bulkheads (along Creek)
Pilot project to build intertidal zones & seagrass using bulkheads to support terraced structures that support intertidal communities of filter feeders. Locations to be determined.
$2m TBD

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