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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New News For Bay Ridge Bicycle Lanes

Yes, BRBR left the CB10 meeting after the bike lanes portion of the agenda was discussed. But more occurred. This information straight from Bob Cassara who commented on our prior post:

"Most people interested in seeing the bike lane proposal move forward at this meeting left after my motion to rescind the Board's prior June 2010 was defeated. However there is good news. At the last few minutes of the meeting, Bob Hudock made a motion under Old Business to open up the idea of alternate bike lane proposals in Bay Ridge. I made an additional amendment to his motion that the T&T committee form a sub committee on bike lanes. The motion was passed by the full board. The community board chair said that she would seriously consider it. So, we get to continue the effort to get bike lanes in Bay Ridge. But unless we get more people involved and be more proactive in this matter we will not succeed. Last night's turnout was great and had we had that kind of turnout last year when the bike lane was first proposed, we would be in a very different position now. As we all witnessed last night, it is very difficult to change people's minds once they have committed to a certain position. But I believe we can still do it. It is just going to be harder now. It would have been great to see 50 to 100+ people turn out to last night's meeting, along with pickett signs and a parking lot full of bikes. Perhaps for the next meeting and/or in September. I would lke to hear from others and their ideas. The electeds and the Community Board members need to get the message - loud and clear. Our safety matters too!"

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Dave 'Paco' Abraham said...

this is great news and means our efforts have not been in vain. Though its a slow change, we're making progress and will double our efforts to expand the call for advocates to attend following meetings.