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Our neighborhood’s immediate access to the harbor, less congested street traffic, friendly atmosphere, expansive parks and flat terrain (except, of course, for the steep ridge in Bay Ridge!) makes our corner of New York City one of the most fantastic places to ride a bicycle. Whether for transportation, recreation, fun or fitness, cycling is great in Bay Ridge.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Papers, Please"

We at BRBR agree that bicyclists should not ride around the City of New York terrorizing anyone's grandparents. However, requiring all bicycles in the city to have a paid and identifiable license registration sticker for the purposes of issuing a ticket or summons to bicycle riders who do not provide ample free space or respect to our elder generation seems a bit absurd.

OK folks, it doesn't take too much logic to know that you need to watch out for seniors, kids, moms, dads, neighbors, dogs, squirrels, cats (though cats are usually quick and alert enough to get out of the way... we've never run over one with our bicycle... we weren't trying to... really... the cat was just right out there), livestock, raccoons, ducks, Canadian Geese, etc, etc while riding your bicycle. This is especially true if you might be distracted while riding a bicycle and attempting to accomplish a major work of art at the same time.

Read more about it at the NY Post or see Transportation Alternative's efax campaign to Councilmember Eric Ulrich on the subject if you are truly motivated to ranting civic participation on the issue.

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